Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
A State University recognized under Section 2 (f) & 12 (B) of UGC Act of 1956
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The Publication and Media Cell of the University serves as the official spokesperson for the various activities and events organized by the University. Since its establishment in 2005, the Cell has been committed to promoting and publicizing the University's endeavors through multiple channels, including local and national print media, reputable magazines, and social media platforms. The Cell is composed of experienced faculty members who are dedicated to its mission. It operates under the supervision of a Chairman, selected from among the faculty members, and is supported by a team of dedicated staff members. In addition, the Cell provides photography and video-recording services to document the University's activities.

Activities in Academic Year

Media Coverage

Throughout the academic year, the Publication and Media Cell actively engaged with various media outlets to enhance the University's visibility. The Cell liaised with local and national print media organizations, facilitating press releases and news coverage of significant events, conferences, seminars, and workshops held at the University. These efforts resulted in increased media attention and raised awareness about the University's academic initiatives.

Magazine Features

The Cell collaborated with reputed magazines to highlight the University's achievements and contributions in the academic year. Articles and features were published, showcasing the University's research endeavors, innovative projects, and notable faculty members. These magazine features served as a platform to showcase the University's intellectual capital and fostered its reputation as a center of excellence in education.

Social Media Engagement

Recognizing the significance of digital platforms, the Publication and Media Cell actively managed the University's presence on social media channels. The Cell maintained and updated official social media accounts, disseminating information about upcoming events, achievements, and noteworthy activities. By leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the Cell successfully reached a wider audience, including prospective students, alumni, and the general public.

Faculty Involvement

The Cell collaborated closely with esteemed faculty members, who contributed their expertise and insights to the promotional activities. Faculty members associated with the Cell played an integral role in generating content for press releases, articles, and interviews. Their involvement enhanced the credibility and relevance of the information disseminated by the Cell, further solidifying the University's reputation.

Photography and Video-Recording Services

As part of its services, the Publication and Media Cell provided professional photography and video-recording services for the University's activities. This documentation captured the essence of events, including lectures, symposiums, cultural festivals, and sports competitions. The high-quality visual content captured by the Cell preserved the memories of these events and provided valuable resources for future promotional material.

The Publication and Media Cell of the University demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment in promoting the University's activities since 2005. Through strategic collaborations with print media, reputed magazines, and active social media engagement, the Cell successfully enhanced the University's visibility and reputation. The involvement of experienced faculty members, alongside the provision of photography and video-recording services, contributed to the comprehensive coverage of the University's events. The Cell's efforts played a crucial role in effectively showcasing the University's achievements, attracting prospective students, and fostering a positive image in the academic community and beyond.

News Management

The Publication and Media Cell dedicatedly covers and disseminates news regarding various activities, including seminars, conferences, workshops, University achievements, faculty accomplishments, student successes, visits by distinguished individuals, and special lectures. Here is a summary of the news coverage during each academic year.

Print Media Coverage

The efforts of the Publication and Media Cell resulted in significant news exposures in both local and national print media. The University's activities received extensive coverage, with over 22,380 news exposures in local print media and 1,030 news exposures in national print media each year. This widespread coverage garnered attention from the public and other institutions, contributing to increased recognition for the University.

Social Media Engagement

The Cell effectively utilized various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Tumblr, to promote the University's activities. The news articles and updates shared by the Cell generated substantial engagement, with several news items crossing 25,000+ views on the University's social media pages. This active social media presence helped reach a broader audience, including prospective students, alumni, and the general public.

Advertorials in Newspapers and Magazines

The Publication and Media Cell also published advertorials in leading newspapers and magazines, further highlighting the University's achievements and offerings. One noteworthy advertorial published in Mail Today on 25th November 2017 received positive feedback, contributing to increased awareness and visibility for the University.

Coverage on Hindusthan Samachar, Times of India, Amar Ujala

The University's coverage on Hindustan Samachar, Times of India, and Amar Ujala prominent news agencies, received significant viewership throughout the year. This consistent coverage helped in disseminating news and updates to a wider audience, reinforcing the University's reputation and influence.

University Publications

Publications Link

The Publication and Media Cell is responsible for producing a range of publications, both in print and online formats, to highlight the University's achievements, important events, research and publications, as well as faculty and student accomplishments, for the benefit of the public. The Cell publishes the following documents:

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the University's activities, achievements, and milestones throughout the year. It showcases the progress made in various academic and research areas, highlights significant events, and presents financial and administrative information.

Admission Brochure

The Admission Brochure serves as a comprehensive guide for prospective students, providing them with essential information about the University's academic programs, admission requirements, infrastructure, faculty, and student support services. It aims to attract and inform potential applicants about the opportunities available at the University.

Students' Magazine - Pratibimb

Pratibimb is a magazine published by the Publication and Media Cell, specifically dedicated to showcasing the creativity, talent, and achievements of the University's students. It features articles, artwork, literary pieces, and other contributions from students, providing them with a platform to express themselves and share their experiences.

Monthly Newsletter - Times@SMVDU

Times@SMVDU is a monthly newsletter that highlights the latest happenings, news, and updates from the University. It covers a wide range of topics, including academic achievements, research breakthroughs, upcoming events, faculty accomplishments, student activities, and community engagement initiatives. The newsletter aims to keep the University community and external stakeholders informed and engaged.

University Profile

The University Profile is a comprehensive document that provides an in-depth overview of the University, its history, vision, mission, academic programs, faculty, research centers, infrastructure, and other relevant information. It serves as a reference for stakeholders, including government bodies, academic institutions, and potential collaborators, to gain a thorough understanding of the University's profile and offerings.

Ph.D. Handbook

The Ph.D. Handbook is a detailed guide for Ph.D. students, outlining the policies, procedures, and requirements related to pursuing a doctoral degree at the University. It provides information on the admission process, coursework, research guidelines, thesis preparation, evaluation criteria, and other essential aspects to facilitate a smooth academic journey for Ph.D. scholars.

Convocation Brochure

The Convocation Brochure is published on the occasion of the University's convocation ceremony. It includes details about the graduating students, distinguished guests, keynote speakers, and the order of events. The brochure serves as a memento for graduates, capturing their significant milestone and the memorable moments of the convocation ceremony.

These publications collectively contribute to effectively communicate the University's achievements, academic programs, and distinctive features to a wide audience, including students, faculty, researchers, stakeholders, and the general public.

Since the University’s initial setting up of campus-wide network in 2005, active users of the network facilities have increased many folds and the network-based applications have increased phenomenally. This is a welcome change in the university’s academic environment. This has prompted the University administration to rapidly increase the network facilities to all the sections of the university community. Network Centre has been given the responsibility of running the university’s Intranet & Internet services.

08052023 networkCentre

SMVD University Network (UnivNet) connects all buildings across campus including all Academic blocks, Hostels, Administrative Offices, Auditorium, VC Residence, Central Workshop, Medical Aid Centre, Guesthouse, faculty and staff residences.

With the growth of users, IT services and increasing internet bandwidth demand, the university has scaled up the switching capabilities and implemented latest managed wired and Wi-Fi access. The network and internet services of the SMVD UnivNet are backed by Layer 3 Core Switch from Cisco, HP & Huawei - 258 Nos. Layer 2 distribution Switches, Sophos Firewalls used for Security, Central Authentication Gateway and Network Management System.

Uninterrupted Internet services have been provided in SMVDU campus from 1 Gbps Internet leased line link from BSNL under NMEICT. With the endeavor of Network Centre team, SMVDU is part of NKN (National Knowledge Network) connecting all Universities in India including IIT, IISc, NIT, etc. Application servers for various Schools have been created to provide seamless access to network licensed packages like AutoCAD, Ansys, Prowess CMIE, Capitaline NEO, NetSim etc.

Wif-Fi service has been implemented across the campus in the last few years and currently more than 300 Wi-Fi Access points provide seamless internet connectivity in the entire campus. The backbone was changed over fully to OFC covering the complete campus including Hostels.

MOODLE Learning Management System has been implemented for use by all students, staff and faculty. Network Centre houses 18 Dell/Sun/IBM servers providing:- 1.Network services like DHCP, DNS, Primary Domain controller, Windows Deployment Service.

The well known Delhi Public School (D. P. S.) has opened a school in the university campus for the children of the faculty and staff members staying on campus. The school is also open to people from neighboring locality and the holy town of Katra.

26082021 online

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University have Lecture recording facility installed in four lecture Halls for their faculty members. The Facility includes high definition Cameras, Audio Systems, interactive projector and Computer. This facility is extensively used by faculty members to record their Lectures during COVID pandemic to conduct uninterrupted interaction with the students residing in different parts of the country.

The Main Shopping Complex, close to the Medical Center consists of 10 shops which cater to virtually all the requirements of the residents of the university including students, staff and afculty members. These shops include two Grocery cum General stores having all modern amenities, Sweet Shop, Snacks Shop, Barber Shop, SMVDU Gas Agency, Amul Outlet, Chemist Shop etc. Stationery Shop is located close to the Boy's Hostel.

The public transport facilities are available in the form of min-bus which plies on the Domel-Katra route. All buses stop in front of the university gate and are available every hour. The University has also organized its own bus facility for students from Campus to Domel and back on specific times during the weekdays and the weeknds for the convenience of the students. a specail bus facility from Campus to Jammu and back is available on every Saturday for the convenience of Faculty & Staff members and their families.

The catering services for the students, faculty and staff have been outsourced and are being rendered by contractors in the boy's and girl's hostels thereby reducing the management related issues for the university. More establishments are expected to be made operational in the near future. Each hostel has its own Mess facility and this is monitored by a committee consisting of the Hostel Warden, Hostel Caretaker & nominated students from the hostel. Thus the students have an effective role to play in ensuring that good quality food, tasty and hygenic is available to slla students. The Committee has the mandate to change the Menu as well as impose fine on the caterer in case of any discrepency.

Enough care has been taken to provide all the basic necessities required for healthy and happy stay and learning on the campus. Looking at the overall erratic power supply in this part of the country, the university, from the very beginning, decided to have an exclusive 33KV substation on the campus to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all the parts of the campus, deriving input directly from the Jajharkotli grid. As the result of this there is no shortage or curtailment of the power on the campus, a great advantage for the fully residential University. The University also provides uninterrupted power back ups, wherever required, with the help of high power generator and inverters. The University has a dug well with a provision of pumping and storing 1, 00,000 gallons of good water in the campus daily. The quality of water supplied is good for human consumption and is checked regularly for quality.

Good Health Care facilities are mandatory for any residential university. Medical Aid Centre is providing services to all the employees and students of the University. Independent premises for Medical Aid Centre with better facilities is in place.


Medical Aid Centre has two Doctors, two Male Medical Assistants, two Female Staff Nurses, one Laboratory Assistant, one Assistant and one helper.


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BSNL has opened its exchange within the university campus thus providing landline and mobile connections on priority to the university residents. The mobile cell tower is also located within the campus. With the help of BSNL, Udhampur, the University has its own digital telephone exchange and a mobile tower on the campus. The land and building for said purpose was provided by the University to have better telephone connectivity and optical fiber based Internet service on the campus. The new exchange supports CLI (Caller Line Identification) apart from the other services. So far as the internal telephone network is concerned, SMVDU has one of the latest up to date systems (one of the best in the state of Jammu & Kashmir), A Siemens Hipath 4300 series IP ready communication server with 336 (expandable upto 1392 extentions) analog and 24 digital extensions. With over 300 analog extensions and a couple of digital extensions already made functional in the academic and residential areas of the university, voice mail facility and voice interactive system has been incorporated in the EPABX system. This has allowed users to receive calls from anywhere with zero or close to zero dependence on call transfer. As a part of the expansion plan 100 more extensions are being planned for future expansion. With the passage of time and depending on advancements in technology and as per the needs of the university more and more enhancements will be incorporated in the system. Mobile connectivity of almost all the operators operating in J&K is possible on the campus.All this has enabled us to have excellent infrastructure to make the University as a role model. It also reinforces the thought that students are valued consumers and the education system student-centric.

Banking & ATM Facilities

The J&K Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce have a branch each on the campus which caters to the students, staff, and faculty members of the university. The J&K bank has the facility of an ATM. Facility of electronic transfer of funds exists with these banks. Each student of the University is required to have a Bank Account with any one of these banks which is utilized for the students personal finance as well as any refunds from the university.


The postal department has opened a post-office for the use of the residents of the university in the campus itself. The post-office has all standard facilities including Money order, Speed Post, Registered Post etc. The postal address of the campus is :

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
Sub Post Office, SMVD University, Katra 182 320

The University has a Guest House on Campus with 51 well furnished rooms along with 04 Suites to accommodate the guests of the University/ Faculty/ Staff/ Students. All the rooms are equipped with the required amenities like Air Conditioners, LED, Wifi, etc. A well furnished Dining area and Kitchen is also available in the Guest House to serve the guests.

Centrally air-conditioned state of the art auditorium of the University “Matrika” is a state-of-art architecture marvel. The foundation of the auditorium was laid on February 6, 2006 which is the finest in the state and country, in barely three years of the existence as a University. It has a seating capacity of 1000 persons, 700 at the ground floor and 300 at the balcony level. It has fully equipped seminar halls and conference halls.

The centre portion of the roof of this auditorium is a pyramid has been sliced along the horizontal plane & lifted up. This auditorium has been provided a state-of-art stage with the latest and highly adjustable lights and sound system. It has the most modern Audio and video projection systems. It is designed with the latest technology against seismic forces and has been equipped with the latest heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. It also has smoke detectors, fire alarm systems and automatic sprinkler system, for early detection of fire.

Matrika auditorium of the university was inaugurated on 8 March, 2008 by Lt. Gen. (Retd.) S. K. Sinha, former Chancellor of SMVDU. Inaugurating the state of the art Auditorium "Matrika" in the campus Lt. Gen. said that, “impossible has been made possible by the dedicated effort of Vice Chancellor and his team”. Describing Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University as a flag ship of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Lt. Gen. Sinha said that apart from hard work and dedication of all, the blessings of the Mata have been always there to achieve achievement after achievement. Speaking on the occasion Vice Chancellor, described the Auditorium as one of the best and said hardly any University possesses such a facility within short span of three years of its inception.

The inaugural session was marked by a high profile musical extravaganza organized by J&K academy of art culture & languages in collaboration with Govt. Women's College Gandhi Nagar, Jammu

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